TikTok Promotion

TikTok has emerged as the most influential platform in the music industry. Boost your Music Career now with our TikTok Promotion !

How is Your Music Promoted Trough Tik Tok?

TikTok has emerged as the most influential platform in the music industry. One viral video can lead to a successful single & breakout career. We cen send your music to more than 3,500 creators to create videos with your music. You reach new fans because they attract millions of followers.


Tik Tok Creators Listen to Your Song Your song snippet will be made available to our network of creators.


Creators will receive your song and will make videos to post to their TikTok.


Within 24-48 hours after purchase, you will enter our playlist. We will then send the playlist link for your song via email.

Our TikTok Network

We have over 3500 creators
over 1.7 billion total views for artist
more than 1000 successful TikTok campaigns



$ 109
  • Promoted To At Least 250K Total Followers
  • Eligible for royalties
  • Email Support


$ 209
  • Promoted To At Least 500K Total Followers
  • Eligible for royalties
  • Email Support


$ 409
  • Promoted To At Least 1.25 Million Total Followers
  • Eligible for royalties
  • Email Support


Ask yourself the following questions:

“Who do I want the creators to reach with their posts?”

“What do I want their audience to do? (Share it? Stream my music on Spotify? Follow me?)

Search TikTok for the Link Sent by Your Distributor

Please note: depending on your distributor, they may send a 15, 30, or 60 second snippet to TikTok. Most videos on campaigns will be 15-30 seconds and the creator can choose the portion of your snippet to use. 

1) Open TikTok on your phone and tap the search button at the bottom.


2) Type your “artist name + song name” in the search bar. Then tap the “Sounds” tab. Find your song and tap on it.


Note: If you don’t see your song in the search results,

There are many examples of TikTok views leading to Spotify streams, however, this is not the primary purpose of a TikTok campaign and this cross-platform behavior is very unpredictable.

With Tik Tok the tracking is actually built in to the app. To see all the influencers who have used your song in their video, you would simply visit your song link INSIDE OF Tik Tok. It will show all videos that are currently using your sound.

You very well could! Seeing as this is organic promotion, people are free to engage with the videos posted by the influencers. Obviously, you will get higher engagement the more people like your video, but we advise being engaged on Tik Tok by commenting on each influencer video that posts your song and interacting with the channel owner and users. Also, make sure you have engaging content on your own Tik Tok channel so that fans will be enticed to follow you.

Your order will be responded to within 1 to 4 business days with details on the initial processing of the order. Most orders start to see results within 5 business days of purchase. 

We do a thorough check of all channels to ensure they were not grown using bots or fake followers. Given these are indeed real people, we can’t guarantee what kind of interaction your song is going to get. Sometimes songs will be used on tens of thousands of videos on Tik Tok. Sometimes it will just be a couple. We cannot force people to like your song, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets seen by the right audience.  

Not necessarily. We have arranged for all posts to stay up at least one month in our network. Some influencers leave them up permanently, but that is completely up to them.

Yes! You can order promotion up to one month before your release date. Just make a note in the description box and we will wait to promote until then.

We do not. Usually when artists are ready to spend on promotion it means they’re more serious about their craft. Thus, the song is mixed and mastered. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in a fancy studio to do this, just make sure the quality is good. A small percentage of the time, we’ll refund an order due to engineering quality.