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Professional Spotify Promotion for individuals and record labels . Boost your Music Career and Get Heard  with thousands of new listeners!

How is Your Music Promoted?

We have more than 1.5 million followers worldwide on our Spotify network. Once you have submitted your song for promotion, some of our team members will listen to the song and then decide to post the numbers in the best genre playlist that best suits your music style and sound.Submit your tracks to Caspian.


Choose the most suitable promotional activity for you from the three packages or the package you create yourself!


Our team's experts will tune in your melody and choose the most suitable playlist based on your music.


Within 24-48 hours after purchase, you will enter our playlist. We will then send the playlist link for your song via email.


After your tracks are included in the Caspian playlist network, you will see extraordinary and promising results.

Our Spotify Playlist Promotion Network


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$ 69
  • Real people from USA and Europe, Latin America
  • 25,000 followers reach
  • Estimated 10,000 - 20,000 Streams
  • Eligible for royalties
  • Email Support and Live-chat
  • Up to 2 Playlists Placements
  • Detailed Report


$ 99
  • Real people from USA and Europe
  • Personal Campaign Support
  • 50,000 followers reach
  • Estimated 15,000 - 30,000 Streams
  • Eligible for royalties
  • Email Support and Live-chat
  • Up to 4 Playlists Placements
  • Detailed Report


$ 159
  • Real people from USA and Europe, Latin America
  • Personal Campaign Support
  • 100,000 followers reach
  • Estimated 30,000 - 40,000 Streams
  • Eligible for royalties
  • Email Support and Live-chat
  • Up to 7 Playlists Placements
  • Detailed Report

Build Your Own Tweaked Bundle

There is also a possibility that you can construct your own tweaked bundle our specialists will deal with it and pitch your track to the privilege spotify playlists that coordinate your kind. We convey natural spotify advancement that satisfies your requirements.


We will not use any techniques that are malicious when it comes to promoting your music. Since the use of bots and low-quality streaming may cause Spotify to evacuate your records and all music, we never use them. Instead, we give playlist positions a natural flow.

We accept all voices and genres. If the mix/master’s quality is poor, we don’t approve the track as we advance. Our commitment lies not only in the artists’ success but also in our alliance’s online playlists’ quality.

You can follow all your analytics from your Spotify for Artists account. (

We cover the most significant Spotify genres: Latin, Pop, EDM, Indie, Hip Hop, Rock, and all the subcategories of these genres. Your tracks will be placed in a playlist to coordinate your voice best.

Indeed. All of the streams we offer are qualified for royalties.

We promote your song by pitching it to organic playlists with an amount of followers. By experience we know approximately how many streams a song can get in certain playlist. But since all of our services are organic, the final stream number of your song lies with the listeners. For example, if the peoples love your song, it can also be much higher than the estimated streams.

Absolutely! Regardless of whether you have been rejected before, we always like to listen to new music and check every song sent to us.